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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

August 14, 2019

How to hack facebook Using pHishing

How to hack facebook or any other social media accounts using pHishing

Hello friends What i am about to tell you is illegal and not safe but its definitely cool and hacking is all about doing cool stuff. i am not gonna tell you whether to do hacking or not and i am definitely not gonna give you any precautions about hacking like other does so the only thing i want to tell you is hack like a ghost like you wont even exist ,hack but dont shout out loud.

This is phishing which is the most easy method to hack any social media not only facebook so lets come to the steps 

1 Visit this link and create an account there 

2. Login there and go to home page now locate the type of page to show to your victim when you give him/her the link for example- facebook,gmail,yahoo etc

3. Now here's your patience will be needed to Deceive her to login. if the person is dumb then it must be simple for you to get his or her logins but it victim is smart then you need to show your smartness by manipule him so that he or she login on your phishing page if you are a genius you will find a way if the link looks suspicious then try to shorten it with any url shortener sites 

4. When he or she login they will see some random with some ads and now come back to the home page of this site and click on MY VICTIMS.

5.you will see the user name,password,ip adress etc of the victim

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August 14, 2019

How to make usb bootable using cmd

Hello guyzz , This post is about how you can make usb bootable using cmd prompt.maybe many of you already know about this and some may not so let me share this easy method with you 

I may be not good with writing but all the methods i share with you are completely genuine and working so keep sharing thanks

So here's the thing , You need to apply some commands to your usb and thats it

  • Insert your usb into your computer or laptop properly
  • open a cmd prompt window and run as a administrator
  • Below all the colorfull words are commands which you need to write carefully as it is.
  • now type diskpart and hit enter
  • and then type list disk
  • now it will show you all the available disks and you need to select your usb device which you want to boot
  • Now enter select disk X (here x is the letter of your usb drive)
  • Now type clean and hit enter
  • This will delete all the data on your usb drive so make sure you copy all the important stuff somewhere else
  • now create new partition type create partition primary
  • Now select this new created partition by writing select partition 1
  • now format, format fs=ntfs quick and enter
  • then type active and enter
  • In last type exit and enter

If your pc supports uefi partition type( some computers have uefi architecture type rather than bios mode) then try to format as fat32 

And thats it now your usb device is bootable ready enjoy