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Monday, 29 October 2018

Thursday, 25 October 2018

October 25, 2018

Most using commands in Kali linux

1. Date Command –
This command is generally used to display the system date and time. You can also set a custom date by typing the below command in your terminal.
Syntax – “date –set=’2 Apr 2018 16:10′
2. Cal Command –
The cal command simply displays a formatted calendar of current month in your terminal screen. If in case, you need an advanced version of cal, then you can also download ncal  package in your Linux machine which displays the calendar vertically along with more options.
3. whoami Command –
The whoami command simply prints the effective user ID where as who command prints the information about users who are currently logged in.
You can also use the “w” command to see who is logged on and what they are doing.
4. pwd Command –
pwd stands for “Print Working Directory” which simply prints the name of the working directory or you can directly use the below command to use pwd.
Syntax – “/bin/pwd”
5. ls Command  –
This command is one of the most useful command in Kali Linux that lists directory contents of files and directories. With ls command, you can easily list out all hidden files of a directory with -a attribute and for more detailed output you can use -l attribute.
Syntax: ls -al
6. cd Command –
The cd command also known as chdir (Change Directory) is a command used to change/switch the current working directory.
7. mkdir Command –
The command used for creating directories is mkdir. For example, if you want to create a directory under Desktop called yeahhub, open a terminal and type the following command:
Command: mkdir /root/Desktop/yeahhub
8. cat Command –
The cat (concatenate) command is one of the most frequently used command in Kali Linux which allows us to create single or multiple files, view contain of file, concatenate files and redirect output in terminal or files.
Generally, the cat command is used for displaying the contents of a file.
9. cp Command –
This command is used to copy files or group of files or directory which creates an exact image of  a file on a disk with different file name.
10. mv Command –
The mv command moves, or renames, files and directories on your file system.
11. rm Command –
The rm (remove) command is used to delete files. When used recursively, it may be used to delete directories.
The removal process unlinks a file name in a file system from its associated data, and marks that space on the storage device as usable by future writes. In other words, when you remove a file, the data in the file isn’t changed, but it’s no longer associated with a filename.
12. uname Command –
This command prints the information about the current system. The uname command within Linux allows you to view system information about your Linux environment.
With uname -a command, which gives you more information about the system like Kernel Name, Node Name, Kernel Release, Kernel Version, Machine, Processor, Hardware Platform and Operating system.
13. uptime Command –
The uptime command gives you the time for which the system has been up (or running). Uptime’s basic usage is very easy – just write the command’s name and press enter.
In case you just want to know the time for which the system has been up, and that too in a more human-readable format, use the -p  command line option.
14. users Command –
This command display login names of users currently logged in on system.
15. less Command –
less command is used to view files instead of opening the file. The less command is considered to be a more powerful version of the “more” command which is used to display information to the terminal one page at a time.
You can view any text file using the less command simply by typing the following into a terminal window:
Command: less /etc/passwd
16. more Command –
The more command allows you to display output in the terminal one page at a time. This is especially useful when running a command which causes a lot of scrolling s

Thursday, 18 October 2018

October 18, 2018

How to hack paytm by phishing method

1.Register a new Wapka Account/create a new wapka account search by clicking Here

2.Now login to your account and goto (Site List) and create a new site.
Example: www.example.wapka.mobi
Then click on Manage.

 3.Now you have 2 modes available, namely user mode and admin mode.
Click on Admin mode.

4. As you click on Admin mode you redirects to a Blank page. It’s blank because till now you do nothing to your newly created site.At the Lower right most corner you have a link ::EDIT SITE(#):: click on it.

5. Now click on – (WML/XHTML code).On clicking it you have window.

6.Copy all the code and paste it into (WML/XHTML code) box and click on Submit button.

7 get your code from here

8 done now Copy your site url and send to victim his id and pasword will be sent to your gmail account which is Registered

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

October 17, 2018

How to download any facebook video to your phone or computer

  1. Go to video which you want to download and click on share button and there will be a option copy link 
  2. after copy the link you need to download Mozilla firefox browser or you can use google chrome
  3. Now Open google chrome and go to Fbdown.net
  4. After this you will see a box ,paste your video limk in this box and click download
  5. Now you will see two options download normal video or hd video
  6. Click on any option as per your requirement and done 
  7. If the video starts playing online instead of downloading then you simply long press on Video link and copy the download link
  8. For example if you want to download normal video then long press on Download video in normal quality and then copy the link from options 
  9. And you can simply paste this link in any browser and download from it 
  10. done!

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

October 16, 2018

How to download your deleted facebook data (msgs photos etc)

Login to https://www.facebook.com/ in your computer's web browser. This will open your Facebook News Feed if you're logged in.
If you aren't logged in, enter your Facebook email address and password, then click Log In.
Click the "Menu"  icon. You'll find it in the upper-right side of the page. Doing so prompts a drop-down menu.
For some users, this icon will resemble a gear instead.
Click Settings. It's in the drop-down menu.
Click the General tab. This tab is on the left side of the page.
Click Download a copy. It's a link below the bottom option on the General page of settings.
Click Deselect All. You'll find this link in the lower-right side of the page. Doing so un-checks every box on this page.
Scroll down and check the "Messages" box. This option is in the middle of the page. Checking only the "Messages" box ensures that you won't have to download other unnecessary data.
Scroll up and click Create File. It's a blue button on the right side of the page. This will prompt Facebook to begin creating your backup file.
Open your email inbox. This should be the inbox for the email address which you use to log into Facebook.
Wait for an email from Facebook. Facebook can usually have your download ready within 10 minutes, but this will vary depending on the number of conversations in your Messenger inbox.
Open the download email. Once the email arrives, click the "Your Facebook download is ready" email to open it.
If you use Gmail with tabs, you'll find this email in your Social folder.
Be sure to check the Spam or Junk folder if you don't receive an email from Facebook within 10 minutes.
Click the Available Files link. It's in the body of the email. Doing so takes you to the download page on Facebook.
Click Download. You'll find this button to the right of your download file near the middle of the page.
Enter your password. When prompted, type in the password you use to log into Facebook.
Click Submit. It's a blue button at the bottom of the pop-up window. Doing so will prompt a ZIP folder containing your messages to begin downloading onto your computer.
The download time will vary depending on the size of your message archive.
Extract the downloaded ZIP folder. Double-click the ZIP folder to open it, then click Extract at the top of the window, click Extract all in the toolbar, and click Extract when prompted. Once the folder finishes extracting, the regular (unzipped) version of the folder will open.

Monday, 15 October 2018

October 15, 2018

Download latest cracked version of lucky patcher [for rooted devices]

Now hack any android app using lucky patcher
remove unwanted ads

Lucky Patcher is a great Android tool to remove ads, modify Permissions, bypass premium applications license verification, and more. You can use this patches to break some apps Android Market License Verification or other verification To use this application, you need a rooted device.
October 15, 2018

Facebook social toolkit Premium version 😍 [for pc]


chrome browser

Features :

Unlike All Facebook Pages At Once
Unfriend All Friends At Once
Unfollow All Facebook Friends At Once
Delete All Comments At Once
Reject All Friend Requests At Once
Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once
Remove Facebook Page Likes
Remove All Facebook Groups
Cancel All Pending Friend Requests
Facebook ID Extractor
Invite Your Friends To Like Your Page
Invite Your Friends To Join Your Group
Accept All Friend Requests At Once
5.E vent Invitation Tool
6. Send Multiple Friend Requests At once
7. Suggest Your Friends To Another Friend
8. Facebook Video Downlaoder
Facebook Group Member Tagger
Facebook Group Transfer
Post On Multiple Groups At Once
Post On Own Facebook Pages
Claim As Group Admin
Add All Friends As Group Admin
Group Admin Transfer
Message All Friends At Once
Post On Liked Pages
Join Multiple Groups Using Group Ids
Extract Facebook Page Fan IDs
Extract Group Email
Extract Friends ‘ Emails
Extract Friend IDs
Extract Group IDs
Extract User Likes
Extract Group Member IDs
Extract Group Member Emails
Extract Phone Numbers Of Facebook Friends

How to use this

  1. Download fb toolkit from Here
  2. Now Extraxt it using winrar in pc and copy in any folder like downloads or documents
  3. then open chrome browser and go to settings ,in this you will find more tools option select this and choose extension and click on it
  4. Now ,in extension on the developer mode shown at the top right corner 
  5. After this, Click on add unpacked extension
  6. And choose your extracted file from the folder you choose
  7. done 
  8. Now ftk will be shown in upper right corner 
  9. For using the premium features
  10. Click on any premium features and when they ask for buy the premium version simply login with your email id and type any number in product id box 
  11. done enjoy 

Sunday, 14 October 2018

October 14, 2018

Information For visitors

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Saturday, 13 October 2018

October 13, 2018

What is dark web and how to get into it

What is the Dark Web?

You already know about websites like Wikipedia, Google, Amazon, YouTube, and Facebook. But they’re only a small part of the internet. Beyond those popular websites are sites hidden away and not readily available to the general public. That space is where the Dark Web and the Deep Web exist.  

The Dark Web, or Darknet, is a general term for a collection of websites on an encrypted network with hidden IP addresses – all of which gives users strong anonymity protection. Because they are not indexed by traditional search engines, you can only access them with special anonymity browsers, such as I2P, Freenet, and the most common, The Onion Router (TOR) bundle.

How to Access the Dark Web Safely

The main gateway to the Dark Web is the Tor browser. This is an encrypted network of volunteer relays around the world through which users’ internet connections are routed.

Although the relays are an integral part of what makes Tor anonymous, they can also lead to slow connections. This is because rather than connecting directly to the server of the website you want to get to, you first have to go through the relays, which are often purposely scattered around the globe. Also, since the system is decentralized, not all the relays have the same CPU, meaning that while some are fast and powerful, others might operate at a snail’s pace.

The easiest way to browse web pages is to download and install the Tor browser bundle. Tor URLs end in the suffix .onion. Unlike .com websites, the URLs are usually complex and difficult to remember, and websites will often change their URLs in order to evade detection and DDoS attacks.

When you’re on the Dark Web, ISPs – and by extension, the government – might not be able to view your activity, but they will know you are on the Tor Network and doing something

That’s why we recommend accessing Tor using a VPN. That way, your internet traffic is routed through the VPN before going through the Tor Network and finally reaching its destination. With this method, your ISP only sees the encrypted VPN traffic, and won’t know you’re on the Tor network.

The major concern with using Tor over a VPN is that it requires you to trust your VPN provider, as the provider may see that you are using Tor. To mitigate this issue, use a VPN that does not log your activities, and connect to your VPN before opening the Tor browser.

Now How to get into dark web

Download any good vpn before accessing tor

download vpn from here

  •  Now download tor browser from official tor website by searching on google
  • After downloading connect your vpn to any other country like usa and start using vpn 
  • now install tor browser and use tor broweser anonmously
  • thats it
  • This is only for knowledge purpose dark web is lot more than you think it is 
October 13, 2018

How to hack Facebook using brute force In Kali linux


#A Kali Machine / Or Any Python Engine Will work!
#Facebook.py ( v1 or v2 )
#A FaceBook id Of course
#CrackStation Word List! download here
Now, Lets Start The Work

step 1. Install Python-mechanize using command mention below
[*] root@root:~#apt-get install python-mechanize

step 2. Add facebook.py using the command below
[*] root@root~# chmod +x facebook.py [*] root@root:~# python facebook.py

step 3. Now enter |Email| or |Phone number| or |Profile ID number| of victim,                                                           

step 4 . Now Give The "Path" Of Your CrackStation Word list

step 5. Now it will try all passwords present in the word list, So relax and have a cup of coffee because it will take time depending on speed of your processor and password strength of your victim!

Friday, 12 October 2018

October 12, 2018

Kingo Root v3.3 Cracked Apk (ad-free) for android and PC [exe]

Kingroot is the best application to root android devices. you can easily unroot your android devices with one click. it 100% will root every devices.

Kingoroot has some useful and good features:

frequently updates for this application makes it easy and reliable to root different android devices.

This application supports almost any android devices with different manufactures and different android versions.

How to root with KingoRoot:

1- Download the provided apk from Revdl.

2- Install the downloaded apk on your device.

3- Click the root button.

4- It’s DONE!

download kingo root
October 12, 2018

P9 Launcher – Android™ 9.0 P Launcher Style 2.5 Apk for android

P9 Launcher is modern Android™ 9.0 P launcher style, Cool, Easy & Powerful launcher, P9 Launcher let you taste latest Android P launcher features in the first place, it make your phone modern like a brand new one, P9 Launcher also provide many features to improve your productivity when you using phone daily.

P9 Launcher is available for ALL Android 4.1+ phones!

★★★★★ P9 Launcher features:
1. Android 9.0 P launcher theme built-in
2. Support 1000+ beautiful themes
3. Support almost all third-party launcher icon packs in play store
4. Android 9.0 P launcher style VERTICAL drawer, with favorite app sections
5. Support Android 9.0 feature: swipe up from desktop to open drawer, swipe down from drawer to go back to desktop
6. A-Z quick scroller in launcher drawer help your find app quickly
7. Launcher Drawer style: Vertical or Horizontal drawer, Black/White drawer background color option
8. Gestures in launcher desktop: Swipe up/down, Pinch in/out, double tap, two fingers gesture
9. Widgets drawer: launcher widgets classified by apps
10. Huge options: launcher desktop/drawer grid size, icon size, label color, label size, etc.
11. Hide apps, even lock them to protect privacy
12. Edit launcher screens easily, changing wallpaper, widget, setting
13. Launcher wallpaper scrolling or not option
14. Lock launcher desktop to avoid being messed up by kids or others
15. Unread counts for missed call, unread SMS, get notified just from launcher desktop icons
16. Drawer entering animation: Slide up, Circle
17. Support the larger aspect ratio of Galaxy S8/S9 and other new Android flagship devices
18. Android 9.0 search bar style on desktop
19. Dock background configuration
20. Many online wallpapers

download here

Thursday, 11 October 2018

October 11, 2018

How to hack Facebook, gmail or anything you want Using z shadow

Step 1

Open any browser on your computer/laptop or on your phone. In some phones, all the options are not working properly. You can use your laptop or computer if any of the option not showing on your phone.

Step 2

Open your Facebook on your computer and log in to your facebook account.

Step 3

Now open a new tab and go to z-shadow.co.

Step 4

Now you have to sign up for z shadow to get your ID, where you will receive victim email ID and password in your inbox. After when you complete sign up on this site (z-shadow.co), you can log in with your given ID and password at any time.

Step 5

I am already signed up on z shadow, I can directly login to my account.

Now, your account will open. Z shadow menu has the option to shorten your link, My victims (where you will receive your victim email ID and password), buy ZPoints, ZStore, Make custom page.

Step 6: z Shadow Links

In Z shadow, you will see there are many links as 8 ball pool, Facebook add followers, Facebook add likes, dragon city, criminal case etc. Copy any link of your choice and send it to the victim (I suggest to choose the link that attracts victims/users to open it). You can use links like 8 ball pool, Facebook add followers, Facebook add likes etc to send to the victim/user. Send this link to that person whose account you want to hack.

Step 7

Open your facebook account and Send this link in this way (as shown in the below image) to your friend/victim which facebook account ID and password you want to hack. These links get updated automatically every 6 hours.

When you successfully send the link, it will look like in the image given below.

If the victim/user open this link, a page appears which needs the user to log in. When your victim opens that link and login to his/her Facebook account, You will get his/her password in your account in “My Victims” option.

Step 8

All your victims displayed on this page (My Victims Page). you will get your victim email ID/username,  password, a date on which you hacked that victim, expiration date, victim IP, and website. You can also hack Gmail account, yahoo account etc. using this links. You can also create your own phishing links to hack facebook account.

Make Custom Page

If you want to make the page of your choice, you can go to the option “make a custom page” in z shadow and click on “create your own page”. It can create your custom scama. You have to enter your URL and choose user agent it can be iPhone, Desktop, Blackberry, Symbian or Android. If you need it for the desktop then choose user agent as Desktop. Click on make button that’s it your custom page is now ready. This feature fails on some HTTPS sites or with full javascript. If your custom page is not working well then you can use any of those 50+ links which are available on z shadow website.

Enter the URL and fill the required fields. That’s it, after that your custom page is created. Now you can use this z shadow page link to send to someone. This feature helps you to create phishing pages of your own choice.
October 11, 2018

Super Backup Pro 2.2.31 Full Apk Unlocked for android (Premium)

The fastest data backup tool on android!
You can backup Apps & Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars to the SD card/Gmail.You will never lose your data again!

Important Notice!!!
If your phone has inbuilt storage, the default backup location will probably be the internal storage card and not the external.
This is because the phone reports the storage that way.
If you intend to do a factory reset on the phone, please make sure default backup folder is in your external SD card before doing it. If not, please copy the entire backup folder (“SmsContactsBackup” by default)to your external SD card

-Backup apps to SD card
-Backup all app download links of Google Play
-Backup & restore app’s data(need root)
-Batch restore apps from SD card (need root)
-Backup Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars to SD card
-Restore Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars from SD card
-Can select SMS conversations to backup
-Delete the backup data on SD card
-Schedule automatic backups
-Auto upload scheduled backups to your Gmail or Google Drive
-Can download backup files from Google Drive
-Show last backup count & time
-User can change backup folder path in Settings

Download here
October 11, 2018

Root any mobile with pc easily

Download Vroot for pc from below
 click here

Now connect your mobile with pc using usb cable and enable usb debugging in setting

Open vroot in pc and your phone will be shown in pc and just click on root

It will root your phone in few minutes

October 11, 2018

Airtel free internet latest working method

1.  download Tweakware VPN from Given link: download here Tweakware 2.0

2.   After downloading VPN install it and open it for doing further settings.

3.   Now after installation launch the app, app open firstly in the handler.

4.   You have to do some settings now for using the Free Internet.

5.   Clear every word from FrontQuery and BackQuery box.

6.   Clean Add Port to non-Port URL box and tick on Remove Port.

7.   Select Proxy Type to Real Host.

8.   Now you have to fill Proxy Server which is the main part for using free internet.

Proxy Server: one.airtel.in

9.   Now at last click on OK button and then on the Start button

10.   After that, a small black dialogue box opens and you have to click on Tunnel Whole Device if shows Connection request dialogue then click on OK.

11.   Now enjoy free internet after Tweakware show Connected.

12.   !!! You will get connected !!!

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

October 09, 2018

OfficeSuite 8 Pro PDF 9.9.15125 Apk Unlocked


• View, create and edit complex office and attachments all from a familiar desktop-style interface.
• Full compatibility with Microsoft formats including DOC, DOCX, DOCM, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM, PPSM.
• Support for PDF files including PDF camera scanning and Export to PDF.
• Additional support for common formats like RTF, TXT, LOG, CSV, EML, ZIP; Open Office – ODT, ODS and ODP – support (available as in-app purchase).
• Preserve document formatting and layout and use advanced editing features like never before on a mobile platform.
• Integrated File Browser for qick and easy access to both local and remote files including Recent files, My Documents folders and document templates.
• Sharing via cloud services like Box, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive and SugarSync, as well as over email, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi Direct.
• Available in 56 languages.
• Support for multiple keyboard shortcuts including moving of objects and selections.

click here

Monday, 8 October 2018

Sunday, 7 October 2018

October 07, 2018

How to share mobile internet to Computer [3 ways]

1 method

Share internet visa portable hotspot 

1 turn on your mobile hotspot

2 open the WiFi in your computer and connect it to your hotspot 

but this will not work if your computer drivers are missing !

2 method

Share internet visa usb tethering
it requires usb cable and in this method internet works faster than others

1 connect your phone to your computer with usb cable
2  in setting , go to more and on usb tethering see in pic

And there is third method also which is done by Bluetooth tethering in image you can also
see it just click on this and on your computer Bluetooth and enjoy !

Saturday, 6 October 2018

October 06, 2018

How to use whatsapp with International number

follow these steps

1 download textnow app from playstore

2 Open the app and create your account and give all permissions like phone calls and mesaages

3 Now choose an country code like starting number 408 and press okk

4 Now list of All the numbers starting with 408 shows up 

5 choose your desired number from the list and press ok

6 Now your account is all settled 

7 Now open whatsap and fill your Number which you choosed in textnow

8 whatsap will show cant send msg to that number and then you click on call me 

9 Now you receive a call from whatsap with your code 

10 Put the code in whatsap and enjoy

Working method personally tested by me 

Keep sharing 

October 06, 2018

How to block someones id from Facebook

There's a one way to block someones id


1 You need many Facebook accounts to block someones minimum 7 or 8 but you can also take help of your Friends for this 

Follow below strps

2 You need to send friend request from all your accounts to your victim accounts 

3 In order to block victim account you must have your accounts in his friends list 

4 Now after these steps you can report and always select these options while reporting someone

5 Select like fake account or Pretending to be someone etc Which are not allowed by fb

6 In last by agree to the fb terms click on report and repeat this for 6 or 7 times by your other accounts and choose the same option for all 


Keep sharing this site 

October 06, 2018

How to make your Fb id official

Features of this 

1 Nobody can touch your fb id 
2 your id never get blocked
3 never asks for photo verifications
4 And if your report someone's id By These offisials id that will work much faster

follow below steps 

Its simple step but little risky

1 If you have id and want to make it official then you have to fill your personal details exactly like your passport, Aadhar card, or like any other govt official

2 save your fb settings

3 Now block your id yourself by Comment this code In your fb profile pic

4 Now after blocking Try to login your id and verify by entering your official id Photo

5 Now take the clear picture of your aadhar card Or whichever id details you fill in fb and click send 


October 06, 2018

How to bypass fb photo verification

There are many ways to solve this problem but many of them were not very suxcsucces

So we use this proper working method for this

If your fb id is showing photo verification process then im order to solve this your phone mumber is must to be registered on that account email id cant work on that method

1  Download holavpn or any vpn app like tunnelbear and run this app 

2 now change your country location to Japan or Us And open chrome using that location and open your fb and there will be another option to verify your account using phone number 


Friday, 5 October 2018

October 05, 2018

Meme Generator v4.105 APK Is Here ! Latest

Meme Generator
With Meme Generator you can create the funniest memes and share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Google+, E-mail, Dropbox, Drive, Snapchat…


Multiple meme categories
More than 700 high quality memes with lots of example captions
Custom memes – you can use any picture from your gallery!
Share and save memes
Add stickers to memes – a huge selection of stickers to choose from!
Adjust text color and size
Multiple fonts to choose from with the possibility to add your own
Create complex memes with up to 10 captions
Move captions anywhere you want and add your own
Combine multiple saved memes into one MULTI PANEL meme
Image Cropping
Quick scroll and optional grid view for individual categories
Add borders to any image you want
SEARCH / Filter – you can find you favorite meme in seconds
Favorite memes – create your own list of favorite memes!
New memes are added regularly!
No watermarks on images
The app DOES NOT automatically upload any meme you create – your privacy is our top priority!
Make funny pictures, dank lit memes

Just download from below and enjoy all these features

Click here😀
October 05, 2018

How to hack wifi using android [ multiple apps]

The application has two methods to connect:

Root Method : Supported all android version but should be rooted.
No Root Method : supports only Android 5 (Lollipop) and up.

For Android 5 (Lollipop) and up:

If you are not rooted you can use the application to connect, but you cannot show password unless you are rooted.
If you are rooted will be alerted to choose either Root Method or No Root Method. , you can show the password using both methods

just download and enjoy

Download app here  Androdumper

download here      Wpa wps tester premium(android 4+)

download here      Wifi kill pro app ( disconnect people using your wifi

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

October 03, 2018

How to change your fb name Before 60 days limit

1  Log in to your account

2  Go to the profile 

3  Now click on the url address bar and clear all content

4 after clearing the content type


and now follow onscreen intructions you can change your name from your old names registered on fb